Do you ever see pictures of kitchens on Instagram and wonder how their kitchens are so clean? Spotless counters; Plates stacked perfectly; Immaculate pantry; It’s literally sparkling – how do they do it?!

We all have that one kitchen drawer that’s a chaotic combination of utensils, old pizza coupons, chopsticks from Chinese takeout and some old batteries that we aren’t even sure work anymore. That’s why we’ve written this blog on 5 Genius Kitchen Storage Ideas, so you can say goodbye to clutter and hello to your own Instagram-worthy kitchen.

Plus, we’ve linked some great kitchen organizers, so you don’t have to go searching for them!

Mounted Plate Rack

Mounted plates are not only great because they show off your collections, but they also allow for you to have some extra space in your cabinets! Install the plate rack above the stove, sink or get creative with it.

You could also try a door rack for pot lids and pans, but make sure it’s adjustable just in case you want to move things around later.

Bonus: Plates are easily accessible for when you need to grab them!


Floating Shelves

We’re seeing this trend a lot lately – and we’re loving it! Floating shelves go great on either side of a window and can offer you a ton of extra space. Don’t worry if you only have a small amount of wall space to work with. Tiny shelves will get the job done! Just refrain from putting a ton of extra heavy stuff on them and stick to things like bowls or coffee mugs. If you have space for bigger, stronger floating shelves – add more! We love the way matching kitchen sets and plants look on them.


Drawer Organizers

The key to organizing your drawers is to is to create specific spots for your everyday items, kitchen utensils, coupons, etc. Head over to Target, Ikea, Home Goods or pretty much any department store and you’ll find a selection of drawer organizers.

Once you organize everything in your kitchen drawers with these separators/organizers, it’ll make cooking and your time in the kitchen so much easier! No more having to search for the utensil you need because now you know exactly where it is.

Tip: Store strategically. Store the stuff you rarely use higher up.


Keurig Cups Storage

Everyone loves their Keurig, but not everyone loves the unsightly boxes they come in stacked on their kitchen counter. Purchase a drawer organizer specially created to store you Keurig cups. Or you could buy an organizer for your kitchen counter that spins – it’s like a little carousel for your coffee pods.


Dog Food Cubby

There’s nothing really Instagram-worthy of having a giant bag of dog food taking up space on your kitchen floor. If you have a bigger dog, you could opt for a dog bowl with a built-in food cubby.

Some of those food cubbies can be too high for small dogs to reach their food/water bowl, so if you have a smaller dog you could opt for a dedicated drawer for pet food.


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