Seth Goldberg


ADDRESS: 700 Rio Grande St. Austin, TX 78701

OFFICE: 512-588-1453


Seth Goldberg, Captain of authentic connections.

An Austin native, Seth has enjoyed a wide range of experiences in and around the city. This variety, whether being on a sailboat on Lake Travis or on horseback at the family farm, has taught Seth an important lesson about connecting with the places we spend our time. It’s also the drive-time between these places, where Seth has had formative experiences of deep and meaningful conversations. Even today, many of his clients cherish that “drive-time” with him to connect on what is really important about the next step in their lives. 

Seth’s life has always involved education. As an avid learner, and Graduate with a degree in Real Estate from The University of North Texas, Seth has found time to teach. While in Denton, he was fortunate enough to mentor young children in after school programs to help build life skills. This “Human connection”, the cycle of learning and teaching, has perpetuated through Seth’s life and Career. In real estate, his expertise has been showcased by clients contagiously referring him friends and family, as well as peers pushing him to lead, where at times he has supported as many as 16 agents at once. “Being authentic with people is the wind in my sails”, he says.

Real estate is special. “It really hit me that I could have an impact on people’s lives.” He knew years ago - that for him, this wasn’t to be a “sales” job, it’s an advisor job, through and through. It’s in that helping of people, the thinking about where their kids would go to school or where as new parents, they might bring a new baby home that Seth feels the amazing connection he has to clients and to their lives.

Seth’s clients say, “You can really confide in Seth. He helps to normalize difficult situations and gets us headed in the right direction.” It’s in these connections that Seth realizes there is no greater compliment. 

Want to understand how real estate can impact your life? Spend some time with Seth.

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