Salma Manzur

Associate Broker

ADDRESS: 700 Rio Grande St. Austin, TX 78701

OFFICE: 512-588-1453


 The Triathlete of Real Estate

Like a multi-talented athlete, Salma has developed specialized real estate abilities that make her a top performer in multiple categories. Called, by those who know her, "authentic, transparent, and direct", she knows what to say and when to say it. Having grown up in a family of entrepreneurs, she's built her own business confidently and purposefully. As a natural leader, from as early as high school, her peers would follow her decisions happily. Today she leads Austin's Realtors as an exemplar of care and determination.

Salma says, "We are a mirror of what we see." and she means it too! Her own personal growth and development is intertwined with the growth and development of Austin. To remind herself of this intertwined ever-present youth, she may drive across the Lamar bridge in the middle of the night, basking in those quiet traffic-free moments of years gone by. As an avid traveler, Salma's experience was that of "going into the world" to experience it. Now, she loves this modern day Austin, which is bringing the world to her.

Ask her, "Can you find me the right house?" - "Challenge accepted!", Salma will say. Driven to win, she succeeds by helping people. Not just clients, but friends and strangers too.

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