Rafael Llorente


ADDRESS: 700 Rio Grande St. Austin, TX 78701

OFFICE: 512-588-1453


A natural connector.

Over the years, Rafael has led a life full of diverse experiences. He has been consistent however - in always lifting others up.

Early in his life, Rafael's grandfather offered him the advice, "Como el avion, siempre adelante" which translates to "Live your life like an airplane, only moving forward". Rafael has done just that. Watching the ascent of someone "without a reverse", is both gratifying and indeed exciting!

During his grade school years, Rafael attended a military academy and learned how to be a leader. "It was by connecting and raising them up, advocating for them" he said of his fellow cadets, that he found himself at 15 years old, in a role guiding 200 others. "I enjoy teaching others to be self sufficient even more than learning it for myself."

After graduating from Kansas State, with degrees in both Business and Spanish, Rafael headed to Los Angeles to take on the Hospitality Sales industry. That decade leading the sales teams of numerous hotels and convention bureaus provided a new arena for him to manage large groups of people, properties, and achieving historic success structuring deals. His outcomes were not only financially beneficial to those he represented, they helped build companies, cities, and industries. It was during this time in the L.A. and Orange County areas that he created and operated Relic House, a vintage furniture store. Here, Rafael put his vision and love for aesthetics to work in seeing potential in furniture. Acquiring, re-purposing - really seeing the potential in a vessel - and then bringing it up to it's full possibility. It's what he's always done.

Soccer has always been important to Rafael and throughout his time both as a collegiate athlete and nationally certified coach he lived his passion. He has been a Varsity Head Coach, co-founder and coach of a soccer club, California Rush, as well as a co-owner of an indoor soccer facility. These years were filled with new challenges, and also opportunities to serve. Whether it was driving kids to the games who couldn't get there themselves, or buying shoes for players who couldn't for themselves, Rafael continued to refine his passion for advocating for others.

Today, Rafael has three kids of his own. It was that coming arrival of his first child that got him thinking about family life in great cities, Austin in particular. On arrival here, he first flexed his hospitality know-how to bring 5x growth to numerous prominent Austin based venues. And finally, now he pulls his experiences all together in Real Estate. Like twine creatively connecting the pieces of vintage furniture, Rafael brings together determination, kindness, competency, and the vision of future potentials when working with his clients. If you seek a connected advocate, look no further.

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