Mike Frost

Partner / REALTOR®

ADDRESS: 700 Rio Grande St. Austin, TX 78701

OFFICE: 512-588-1453


Mike Frost has been the person you asked about everything since childhood. Studying Psychology in Vermont was a natural path for him, and it was there in college that he refined his skills at helping people with whatever they needed.

Arriving in Texas in 2005, he immediately settled into Austin’s vibrant downtown and began to both witness and participate in the explosive renaissance we were experiencing here at that time. His career in hospitality, and the passion for keeping up with local trends (and then sharing them with others) led him all the way up the ladder to the position of ownership of a celebrated local brand. As Mike grew personally and professionally, he didn’t ignore charity. Spearheading significant fund raising for Austin’s local chapter of the “Make-A-Wish Foundation”, Mike has demonstrated the key understanding of giving back to the community he is part of.

At Twelve Rivers Realty, Mike continues to be the “go-to” person. His clients say that his understanding of psychology, may just be the reason that his transactions seem so stress free. His love of life and fun experiences in Austin make Mike a knowledgeable person to ask about food, drink or music. Mike’s innate desire to learn about the world, share those learnings with others in a meaningful way, and all the while give back to the community, make him a natural fit as a successful Realtor.

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