Matt McClendon


OFFICE: 512-588-1453


Matt is a native Texan raised with small-town values where actions speak louder than words and a firm handshake is trusted in lieu of a contract. You'll know when you speak with him that you're getting his most honest, well-articulated truth. He prides himself on his ability to get things done and understands that it's better to know where to find the answer over pretending to have the answer

Whether it's walking acreage in the hill country and determining drainage patterns for development or touring downtown condominium projects he has the knowledge and experience to help you gather information and make the right decision. His big picture approach to life and real estate plus his procedural expertise make him an invaluable consultant and sounding board for your personal and professional goals. 

His work ethic is rivaled only by his ability to enjoy himself across a wide variety of interests, travel destinations and activities with his friends, significant other, Kelly and their Australian Shepherd, Gizmo. Matt worked his way through Texas State University as a bartender/manager and has a keen understanding of the service and entertainment industry. He keeps his finger on the pulse of what makes Austin special and can intuitively align his clients with entertainment recommendations and activities that they are certain to enjoy. 

Reliable, refreshing and relentless in representing your best interest. 

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