Kristin Wellborn


OFFICE: 512-588-1453


Kristin Wellborn is in constant competition with herself.

 Texas born, and growing up in Houston, Kristin always knew she was headed for Austin. It may have been school for business management and being close to family that brought her here, but it was really at her first sales job that she began to notice her natural abilities. Kristin was so successful in bringing people together, that friends started to refer to her as the “go-to connector”. Family said she had the “Wellborn blood”, because she was so extroverted and spunky. And while these characteristics are helpful in sales, it was something else that kept Kristin studying every night to know her industry better even than the employers who’s product she was selling. This drive for knowledge built her confidence, and Kristin became aware that her passion for her own improvement was also allowing her to help the people she served in a stronger, more meaningful way.

 Today, it’s helping people with their real estate, that provides Kristin with fulfilment. She will tell you that she witnesses a transformation during the sale process, where the clients she’s helping will feel overwhelmed with happiness – and that in turn causes her to feel joy. It’s Kristin’s constant striving for improvement, and truly caring about her client’s fulfillment and independence, that really show in her results.

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