Jaymi Jaworoski


ADDRESS: 700 Rio Grande St. Austin, TX 78701

OFFICE: 512-588-1453


The Art teacher.

Born in Connecticut, and spending time in Philadelphia, Jaymi was eventually drawn to Austin. It was at a festival in Florida, where she fell in love and ultimately led to a joint move to Austin. The draw of Austin's spirit - the friendliness of the people and pace of life here proved to be not only inviting, but perhaps irresistible!

Jaymi has learned that the secret to living life in Austin is the ability to create oneself. With a background in Social Work and Psychology, Jaymi knew she would devote her career to helping others and supporting their mental health. Keenly aware of how traumas can be healed, Jaymi decided to become a healer herself. Her clients will say that Jaymi helps them, "feel confident and proud of themselves". Joy just comes across their faces as they realize freedom, and self expression in new found ways.

Jaymi says, "My job is not complete until my clients are thriving, doing well, on their own. I love to give them the tools to succeed. Learning what motivates people, what speaks to them, is the best part."

How do you quickly explain Austin’s “vibe”? - Jaymi says, go experience Lost Creek. It’s a place where you can be simultaneously standing in a waterfall and having dogs are running around you. This represents the greatness of this city!”

Someone who has truly diverse interests, Jaymi has been animal (and particularly horse) obsessed since youth. Jaymi even performed “horse” jumps with her childhood German shepherds! She knows one day she will own land and horses. Also having interest in gardening, Jaymi has major plans for her own food production one day.

Jaymi is the “art teacher”. That inspiring person who can give you a confidence boost during a process that might otherwise have been nerve-wracking. Seek her out today.

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