Hannah Allen


ADDRESS: 700 Rio Grande St. Austin, TX 78701

OFFICE: 512-588-1453


A legacy of helping people.

Since before she was born, Hannah Allen’s family has had a history of connecting to the greater community via politics, tourism, hospitality and art. Her family home in Central Texas was so welcoming in fact, that by the time she’d turned 7, an extra bedroom was opened to visitors. Soon after other bedrooms followed and the “Colcord House” bed and breakfast, was born. Hannah’s family lived within this amazing place during many years of her early life. The experience of meeting travelers from around the world opened her eyes to so many different perspectives on life. Hannah learned then, that people would return specifically to spend time with her family – and that having a host who also happened to be one of the best counselors in the State offered an experience worth repeating. It’s here that she first learned that the homes that people live in (and visit) and those who we visit with are both integral to helping us truly live.

A Psychology Major in college and having come from a family of counselors, Hannah developed her interest in specifically counselling the most difficult of human issues.

During some visits to Austin, Hannah became hooked by the city. It was full of welcoming, friendly and progressive people. It had a culture that appreciates diversity in music, food and art. Austin’s community was truly adventurous! Austin also seemed to embrace its history, and the people there seemed to care about keeping Austin traditions alive. This was what home had always felt like. It is rare and wonderful to experience a place that can look forward and backwards at the same time.

Hannah loves to introduce new-comers to the Austin she’s come to love. The food, the nightlife, a great museum – she can recommend the best to you. With Hannah, you can find the same welcoming and naturally comfortable city to live in, that she found.

Hannah has special interest in historic properties and saving their stories. She can help you with your renovation projects and has a keen ability to connect to those things that were beautiful at one time, keeping them alive, and restoring to new existences. 

Hannah helps clients with their real estate, but put more simply – Hannah helps people.

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