Erin Flanigan


ADDRESS: 700 Rio Grande St. Austin, TX 78701

OFFICE: 512-588-1453


Erin is a Texas native, who has lived in Houston, San Antonio and Austin. Her experience of these great Texas cities is a testament to Austin’s quality of life – as it’s Austin that she has decided to stay in!

There’s a saying that “Real Estate is a people business. Loving interacting with people is way more important than interacting with houses.” This is the best way to summarize Erin. She is a people person first. Always on the go, she says the thing she hates most is to feel cooped up. Some cities can be like that, but she sees Austin as a perfect city – it’s laid back, outdoorsy and unique. Erin feels alive by hiking up Mt. Bonnell, running the Lady Bird Lake trail, or even just trying out one of Austin’s hot new restaurants.

The Austin of today is changing. There is a “new culture” that embraces change, fun and being different. Erin participates in the beautiful dance between these new and old cultures of Austin. She cares about maintaining our green space and if she had a magic wand, says she use it immediately to fix our traffic!

Choose Erin – to work with an easy-going, charismatic Realtor who can help you to best look after your next real estate transaction.


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