Cuatro Kowalski


ADDRESS: 700 Rio Grande St. Austin, TX 78701

OFFICE: 512-588-1453


Cuatro Kowalski – A natural leader.

Born in Laredo, Cuatro’s Texas connection starts at birth. After relocating to San Antonio, he began to discover his knack for leadership. “I was one of five or six coaches for a powder puff football team, just doing my best to help out, and the team was gathered in the locker room prior to the first game. There was this sense that someone needed to give a speech - it came over the group, and when I scanned the other coaches faces – they weren’t scanning, they were all staring at me!” Cuatro gave the speech, and in that very moment, he began to notice that others had been regularly calling for his leadership in situations. It’s what Cuatro is about, those who know him can confirm, he’s someone you’d naturally turn to. You can count on him always.

Cuatro is focused. After his time at UT Austin and starting on his bucket list goals (Scuba instructor, check. Pilot, check), he set his sights on becoming a chef. Quickly completing his chef’s courses at Le Cordon Bleu Academy in Austin, Cuatro considered working at the best restaurants in America. As someone who knows that when he puts his mind to something- he can just go do it, he set out to work at Charlie Trotters in Chicago. After what might be the most persistent pursuit an applicant has ever made, his job was secured. This period of time in Chicago was instrumental in Cuatro’s learning about himself. Turning his back on the path to culinary stardom in Chicago and New York, Cuatro chose family and returned back to Texas to start his own business in Austin.

Cuatro is on the planet in order to have unique experiences and strives to have fun and enjoy life. His friends and clients count on him to exceed their expectations. He loves nothing more than to serve people, to see their eyes and face light up, and earn their trust. When working with Cuatro it’s amazing the realization people have, that the world is boundless, and they can see it if they are in the right frame of mind.

If you seek to have a shining mentor in real estate, someone who can wake you up to different perspectives on living, look no further than to Cuatro.

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