Christian Bowman


OFFICE: 512-588-1453


The smell of crayons in a drawer.

Christian grew up with parents who were traveling musicians. As a child, and constantly on the road, Christian was able to sample life in many cities. No matter where he traveled through, Austin always felt like home base. To test this affinity for the city we all love, Christian has lived as far as Europe, Africa, the Pacific, and Hawaii, yet Austin kept calling him back. He says, “The people make it an inclusive experience. Austinites are like a welcoming family where the people standing in line at the movie theater actually turn and talk to you, you don’t just stare at the sidewalk.”. He loves that even people who are not from Austin learn to embrace that welcoming hospitality when they move here. Christian says there’s no other place on the planet that you have such a sense of family and acceptance from the residents.

A Radio Television Film graduate from the University of Texas at Austin, Christian has enjoyed successes as an actor, producer, director, screenwriter, and photographer. His experiences on set have given him skills he uses as a Realtor. “It’s magical seeing things from start to finish. The cone of uncertainty, as it works its way to a point.”. He notes that in both disciplines you have a highly skilled team of people with different specialties that all come together just right, and whether it’s filming a movie scene or purchasing a new home, the group is creating an experience that will last forever.

Christian is truly passionate about helping people finding a home and having that feeling for themselves. Being sensitive to details and even noticing that Architectural design and style can influence every aspect of life, Christian is aware that there is a difference between a house and a home. “It’s like an anchor. Having a home is grounding.” He says about ownership, that it’s a special experience for both homebodies or travelers alike. “It’s the smell of crayons in a drawer.”

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