Casey Blancett


ADDRESS: 700 Rio Grande St. Austin, TX 78701

OFFICE: 512-588-1453


Meet Casey Blancett, a dedicated and experienced real estate professional deeply influenced by her early exposure to the home design world, thanks to her parents. Casey's real estate journey commenced in high school, continued through her college years focusing on commercial real estate, and evolved despite the challenges of an economic downturn. Following graduation, she contributed her skills as a bank examiner at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, but her heart always belonged to real estate. This enduring passion led her to embrace an invaluable opportunity to work alongside a top realtor, marking the start of her cherished career as a trusted Realtor.

Casey's expertise spans both residential and commercial real estate, equipping her to serve a diverse clientele ranging from first-time homebuyers to seasoned investors. Her client-centric approach is characterized by a desire to understand and build upon their past real estate experiences, ensuring their needs are met and surpassed. Casey is renowned for transforming professional relationships into lifelong friendships, offering unwavering support and advice long after the ink has dried.

In Des Moines, Iowa, Casey quickly established herself as a top-producing agent within the first five years, a clear reflection of her dedication and the trust she has earned from her clients. Her business, predominantly referral-based, stands as a testament to the positive, lasting impacts she has made.

What sets Casey apart? Her relentless work ethic, deep commitment to her clients, and her proactive approach to staying informed about market trends and neighborhood dynamics. Continuously expanding her knowledge, Casey holds various real estate certifications that enhance her ability to serve her clients effectively.

When marketing properties, Casey employs a thoughtful approach, considering each home from the perspectives of potential buyers and sellers to create compelling and engaging narratives. Her commitment to building early relationships with potential buyers and their agents underlines her holistic approach to real estate.

Among the many highlights of her career, Casey cherishes the lasting friendships she has formed with her clients, exemplified by heartfelt stories such as a client's daughter naming her new dog after Casey — a testament to the deep personal connections she fosters.

Beyond real estate, Casey's life is full of joy and adventure, thanks to her two young boys. Whether exploring the great outdoors or enjoying a quiet morning with a workout and coffee, Casey finds balance in her busy life. Though her current schedule is bustling, she looks forward to the times when she can unwind with a good novel.

For Casey Blancett, real estate is not just about transactions; it's about the people, the stories, and the communities that make each experience unique and rewarding.

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