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Throughout history, rivers have been used to define space and opportunity in their quiet abundance, allowing for communities to thrive in ways unimaginable. Cartographers rely on rivers’ ultimate authority on how to divide the land. “Real estate” is the business of exchanging space. Between nature’s boundaries, we use surveys, plats and plans to describe the spaces we trade.

In Texas, these blue lines of our map sweep in a southeasterly fashion. Twelve primary rivers define the Texan boundaries and travel the scope of the vast regions from the mountains and basins, the high plains and converge through the coastal plains into the Gulf. This pattern is reflected in the heart of Texas, too.

In 1839, the North-South streets of downtown were named after these twelve rivers.

Twelve Rivers Realty is an Austin-born real estate company serving central Texas. We understand that your life’s stories are defined by the space you call home. Let us help you navigate the landscape so that the story of your space can unfold.

Kevin Bown

Kevin Bown got his start in Austin real estate in 1998 with JB Goodwin Realtors. An Austin Native, Kevin has embraced the real estate career path as one which allows a close relationship with the City and the way that it grows.

In 1999, Kevin shifted company association to Goodwin Partners, Inc. where he learned the ins and outs of commercial leasing and continued his residential sales career. His successes were greeted by opportunity in 2003, when he partnered with Guy Goodwin in the Goodwin Partners Residential company, and stepped into the role of managing the brokerage.

In 2011, after managing as many as 25 licensees for over 7 years, Kevin jointly formed Twelve Rivers Realty with Paul Smith. As a 7 year Co-host of “The Real Estate Zone” radio show (Now on Saturdays on KLBJ 590 AM), Kevin looks forward to continuing his life-long love affair with the city from a new home base in downtown Austin.

Paul Smith

Paul started his Austin Real Estate career with Goodwin Partners, and in his first year of selling homes and properties closed over $6 million in Real Estate transactions. In the 10 years Paul has been in the Austin Real Estate business, he has closed over $115 million in real estate transactions while positioning himself as an effective and fair Realtor.

Paul has a broad client base that spans from first time new Austin home buyers, sellers, investors, Austin home builders, and developers. Paul has also successfully spear headed several different Austin condo projects, including Crestview Condos.

Paul grew up in New England and made a 4-year pit stop at Fort Hood before making his way down to Austin, TX. The Army instilled in Paul many of the core values that he lives by today including honesty, integrity, and an unparalleled work ethic.

"Austin is an amazing city that offers something for everyone, and Austin Real Estate is just as diverse. The Austin Community has introduced me to my beautiful wife, Denise, provided me with an amazing place to live, and given me the opportunity to turn my passion into a career in Austin Real Estate. I hope I can play cupid and help you fall in love with Austin as much as I have,” -Paul.

So, whether you’re looking to buy a home in Austin, selling here or any of the Austin surrounding communities – whether Downtown Austin condos, SoCo condos, East Austin condos, or any Austin home for sale, Paul is willing to show you the best that living in Austin has to offer.


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